Friday, 4 September 2009

A Statement of Sorts

Well I guess I should start with welcoming you, dear reader, to the blog. As it seems to be customary when starting a blog to say what you intend on doing with said blog, I shall do that. Following me so far?

For those who don't know me, I have another blog - - a blog I am very proud of, especially some of my posts exploring issues related to crime and criminal justice. The problem was I would only get round the writing those posts only so often, especially after I stopped being a full-time undergrad at uni, and so to bulk up the blog I started posting other stuff (actually that isn't quite right, I started with the filler too, but its become more prevalent since I finished by undergrad course at Hudds Uni). I liked writing about the other stuff, but often I didn't have the time or knowledge to write as good a post as I would do on some of the crime related issues. But for appearances sake they'd have a veneer that attempted to make them look like the were as polished as the crime related articles. Of course they failed miserably for the most part and were the blogging equivalent of a Rollex watch (yes I meant to spell it like that). So this blog is for me to write about stuff in a less formalised manner and covering other stuff apart from crime related issues.

And your probably wondering about the name? Well, obviously people will get the Monty Python reference - but the reference to sectarianism? Well, this is going to be a blog more about myself, and my opinions. I am a member of the Socialist Party, and I share the opinions of that party and this will probably come through in my posts. To my mind, that isn't full blown sectarianism - in fact, if we are going to ever get a united left/socialist/marxist party then people need to honestly and openly discuss their attitudes to questions. But this blog will certainly be more opinionated and, in that sense, sectarian than the new posting that will feature on Leftwing Criminologist.

Anyways, enough ramblings for now - I need sleep and hopefully when I go into work tomorrow the oven won't have caught fire again. See you!


  1. I look forward to reading and commenting on your rants now I have entered the world of blogging

  2. What's going on? Seems like CWI blogs are breeding like rabbits at the mo. At this rate I'll have to do a special round up on all the new SP bloggers!

  3. I know, they seem to springing up all over the place - me creating a nother blog has been on the cards for a bit

  4. I just love the title of the blog. And it certainly made me laugh.....

    I will deffo link!