Thursday, 17 December 2009

Bangor Socialist Party Xmas Quiz

Try your luck, quiz is slightly modified from Wednesday night, and is out of 36 (Tiebreakers not couting towards this). A few questions need two answers as indicated. Answers are in the comments section.


1) Who won this years Formula One drivers world championship?
2) In which sport did the English team come runners up in the world cup final in Finland this year?
3) Welsh rugby league team the Celtic Crusaders are set to move from Bridgend to which Welsh Town?
4) In cricket, who won the Ashes this year, England or Australia?
5) Which country won this years six nations competition in Rugby Union?


6) Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of what?
7) Telephonaphobia is the fear of what?
8) What is Wiccaphobia the fear of?
9) What is Leukophobia?
10) Glossophobia is the fear of what?


11) In which country did the 25 year civil war end this year?
12) Who became this first black president of the United States of American this year?
13) Who became the first Irish Socialist Party MEP this year?
14) Which countries banking system collapsed in January this year?
15) President Zelaya of which country was overthrown by a coup this year?
16) Which country was forced to vote for a second time on accepting the EU’s Lisbon Treaty this year?

17) Who wrote Frankenstein?
18) Which controversial popstar died this year at the age of 51?
19) Which are the two best selling books of all time according to wikipedia? (2 points)
20) What is the name of the TV show that drew record freview ratings on Dave this April?

21) Which student uprising in China happened 20 years ago this year?
22) Which revolution 220 years ago did Chairman Mao famously say that it was too soon to tell the consequences of?
23) The second world war broke out 70 years ago with the invasion of which country?
24) Which group of workers took a year long strike action 25 years ago?
25) Which organisation had its founding conference 90 years ago in Moscow?
26) Which hated figure came to power 30 years ago?
27) Which currently existing international organisation was founded in a pub in London 35 years ago?

British Politics
28) Which Trade Union was on strike today in South Wales? (NB On Wednesday 16 December)
29) At which company were members of UNITE set to strike over Xmas?
30) The GMB and UNITE won a huge victory for workers in a strike led by a Socialist Party member, where was it?
31) Following successful mobilisations of community activists and anti-fascists, which far-right group has been humiliated in Wales 3 times this year?
32) Which group of people caught with their snouts in the trough by an investigation by the Daily Telegraph?
33) Which trade unions organised a protest against cuts to staff pensions at Bangor University? (2 points)
34) What was the name of the electoral coalition headed by the RMT trade union in the European Elections this year?

Tie breakers
35) How many millions of pounds is Gwynedd Council planning in cuts?
36) How many people are currently unemployed in the UK?


  1. Answers


    1) Jensen Button
    2) Women's football
    3) Wrexham
    4) England
    5) Ireland


    6) The number 666
    7) Telephones
    8) Witches
    9) The colour white
    10) Public speaking


    11) Sri Lanka
    12) Barack Obama
    13) Joe Higgins
    14) Iceland
    15) Honduras
    16) Ireland


    17) Mary Shelley
    18) Michael Jackson
    19) The Bible and Mao's Little Red Book
    20) Red Dwarf


    21) Tiananmen Square
    22) The French Revolution
    23) Poland
    24) The Miners
    25) Communist or Third International
    26) Margaret Thatcher
    27) The Committee for a Workers' International

    British Politics

    28) RMT
    29) British Airways
    30) Lindsey Oil Refinery
    31) Welsh (English) Defence League
    32) MPs
    33) Unison and Unite
    34) No2EU, Yes to Democracy

    Tie Breakers
    35) 16 million
    36) 2.49 million

    Best score on the night was 29 (accounting for changes made to the quiz)