Sunday, 29 November 2009

Youth March for Jobs

Yesterday saw the second demonstration through London organised by the Youth Fight fo Jobs (YFJ) campaign. We took a small number down from North Wales armed with bilingual placards (see photo) to join other who'd travelled down from across the country.

As we headed for the march's starting place at Malet street, we bumped into two lost Malaysian students from Hertfordshire Uni and directed them in the right direction. As the crowd gathered it looked like a small turnout, however, just at the moment we set off, several groups of people joined, including a turkish youth organisation (Day-mer Youth?). As we marched through London the demo seemed to grow, especially as we marched down past Downing Street certainly reaching at least 1000.

The rally concluded in a park the other side of the Thames at a rally which included Hannah Sell for the Socialist Party, Matt Wrack from the FBU and some others that I can't remember. Altogether, it was a good march which will hopefully inspire people to go back and build the campaign in their local area.

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